If We Were

by Arthur Lewis

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Nicole Cottles Adams
Nicole Cottles Adams thumbnail
Nicole Cottles Adams "...I just want to tell the world I'm in love." And I absolutely am. Just having been properly introduced to this beautiful voice through his Freestyle Love Supreme appearances, I have been obsessed and consumed with every note Arthur Lewis has played before and since. The potent combination of smooth, geeky, quirky and humorous makes for one fascinating and talented performer. That he's triple doses of cute doesn't hurt either. Favorite track: Silly Pop Song.
Margaret Lewis
Margaret Lewis thumbnail
Margaret Lewis I have loved Arthur Lewis since I saw him on a rooftop singing about being a billionaire. what a great voice. and he does covers of Stevie Wonder songs that are better than Stevie !
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Far Side of Town (free) 04:24
I was running on the far side of town When I ran into a friend of mine He was looking for he wouldn't-say-what But I should have known To try and find out Soon he had me spending all of my days On the far side of town With an ancient map People asked me where I'd been all my life And I told them I’d been trying to find out CHORUS Help me, doctor, I've been pointing both ways I've been standing here for days With my ancient map Can you give me just a little advice Can you show me how Can you change my life? And then she told me that she'd seen this before With her eyes on the door and my ancient map Then she said that I was running out of time And I’d better hurry up Before I... CHORUS I was living on the far side of town When I ran into a friend of mine When he asked me how I'd been all this time, Well, I told him I’d been trying to find out I said I hadn't found he-wouldn't-say-what, And I showed him what remained of his ancient map He never thought that I would take it all this far But he couldn't help me out Cause he'd forgotten what it was And he hoped I was doing fine But he couldn't stay to find out CHORUS
La Da Da Dee 04:53
A solitary man But proud of the life that I’m living Took a break from love To enjoy the blessings I’d been given, and I’m Caught up in the thought of what I might become Might seem strange to some But I sang a song of freedom CHORUS: But April came Sweet and unexpected We opened up our minds But my heart remained protected Until I saw the holy place inside her eyes And she held me there till sunrise But when morning comes A songbird flies CHORUS Riding the train, and the sound of your breath lingers on A night so beautiful, we nearly missed the dawn We talked in the afternoon, but memories put me to bed And love snuck in on the backs of the things that we said She came back to town But still I stood my ground Told myself that I didn’t want to be tied down But you know how they say you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone The summer ended, and she had a plane to get on What was I running from? I talked about freedom But the thing I didn’t see Was that falling in love Can set you free The camera saved her smile But a picture can’t say anything So the caption in my mind Says "This is what December brings." So I return to ordinary things And when she’s done with traveling My love will hear the song that I sing CHORUS
Monday, I'd been working hard since early morning Now I needed somewhere to lay my head Stumbled into my room And I wondered how you Fit so many strangers in my bed CHORUS: Though you asked me to stay At least ten miles away Though the sparkle in your smile Is just the natural state of decay Though you're nothing at all Like the woman I was dreaming of I just want to tell the world that I'm in love Tuesday, you said that you wanted to surprise me So I played along, I put the blindfold on What could go wrong? Good thing I've got good hearing Who knew Metronorth trains Could come on so silent and so strong? CHORUS: Though you're never hard to find If I know where they keep the wine Though you like to clean my place Just so you can rob me blind Though your "friend from outer space" Is the only thing sent from above I just want to tell the world that I'm in love And my friends, they all tell me That I'm crazy for loving you When I've already got three broken bones Now I know from watching movies And the television too That anything Anything is better than Being alone CHORUS: Though you really like to laugh At my family photographs So you want to be my wife So you can tell the judge you want half Though your favorite thing in life Is to find old ladies to shove I just want to tell the world... I just want to tell the world... That I'm in... Love….
If We Were 07:36
CHORUS: If we were meant to be living and silently waiting Why would we be Given this precious and passionate life Now we're Waiting for the day That the world will say Everything we've hoped for has just come our way A young man stands Staring down Into the deep blue ocean below He reaches out his hand to me Hopes that I'll take it Hopes that I'll join him I know this is a dream On the other side I see a beautiful garden I don't know why or what it is But I know This is where I want to be Living here inside this dream Happy and alive and free, but... He jumps And he tries so hard to get across But oh, he falls... And I watch the fear across his face As he begins to realize what he's done I'm glad I stayed away And I don't know what to say As the waters drag him away CHORUS And as I stand there missing him He returns Smiling his big crooked smile He reaches out his hand to me again and I refuse it cause I can't swim And I don't want to fall, and I'm afraid of falling And I just don't think we'd ever get across So I watch as he jumps And he tries so hard to get across But oh, he falls... And as he tumbles As I watch him falling I am thinking of a time when I was young And never thought about The consequences or the reasons For the things I dreamed about And as I'm lost in thought I watch as he comes back again And makes the jump again and floats away again I'm so afraid again And I can't stand to watch him die But I can't move So I watch as he comes back again And makes the jump again and floats away again And I watch as he comes back And I watch as he jumps And he tries so hard to get across But oh... Oh... And I finally realize my mistake As he waves to me from on the other side He's so happy But I can't help feeling like something inside me has just died Don't know why I stayed away And I don't know what to say So I turn and walk away CHORUS


released September 30, 2008

Written, performed, and recorded by Arthur Lewis.
Art by Rick Orlosky.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Arthur Lewis New York

Singer, composer, and pianist from Queens, and founding member of Freestyle Love Supreme. I write indie soul songs and delight in spontaneous melody and open space.

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